Life Skills students contribute much to our school

You might not know much about our classmates in Ms. Gunn’s Life Skills class. I’m sure you have passed by them in the hallway, or seen them in an advisory, but they are even more important members of our school than you might think.

Everyday, a group of students show up to Ms. Gunn’s classroom for the whole day. They have normal classes like math and science, but they also have STEM classes like cooking and chess.

Maybe the most surprising thing you didn’t know about Ms. Gunn’s Life Skills class is that they are the ones who set up the cafeteria. They use an hour of their time every day to get the cafeteria ready for us to stuff our faces with snacks. They set up tables, chips, sporks, and much more. The groups seems to have fun with their lunch duties, and they say their favorite part is setting up the trays. Sometimes they even go into the kitchen and help cook the meals!

So before you sip your milk or bite that Italian dunker, take a moment to appreciate what a difference in our school community is made by the students in Ms. Gunn’s Life Skills class.