Student Spotlight: Wrestler AJ Garcia

You may have seen The Eagle’s Call mention a wrestler in this week’s Student Spotlight. The wrestler was AJ Garcia, nominated by Mr. Lindquist as a leader on and off the mat and an amazing wrestler. We interviewed Mr. Lindquist and AJ to dive deeper into his wrestling career.  

AJ loves the sport and has been playing it on and off since kindergarten. He started in 6th grade for the Valley Middle school team. He plans to play in high school at the varsity level and possibly further on after high school. He loves wrestling because of the competition factor and being able to practice enough to get better.   

AJ takes control of the team.”

— Mr. Lindquist

Mr. Lindquist chose him because he felt that AJ was one of the greatest leaders on the mat; the younger students respect him on the team and look up to him as an 8th grader. Mr Lindquist said, “AJ takes control of the team.” He shows leadership when they are in the gym working on warm ups or in the hallway running. He also leads team cheers and pushes people to do their best. Mr Lindquist summarized AJ by saying, “He is overall a leader up on the mat.”

Throughout the years AJ has become stronger, quicker, and is able to handle his weight. He is working on his technique and learning many other moves for matches. AJ was dominated on the mat throughout the wrestling season. Most of his matches didn’t go out of the 1st period. Mr. Lindquist hopes he has the success in high school that he has enjoyed here in middle school.