Phone Policies Should Be Changed

Phones aren’t allowed at Valley Middle School during the hours of 7:40-2:35, but, the student handbook doesn’t exactly explain why they aren’t. Here are a few reasons I believe we should be allowed on our phones during school hours at Valley Middle School.

As school can take a toll on most students due to homework or stress, I believe we should be able to have phones as a little break or reward during the day. If students complete all of the daily tasks and have good grades, a decent amount of phone time would be a great reward instead of optional extra credit or reading, although those are also great choices. Even though it depends on the teachers and how strict they are, I believe most teachers would agree with the idea.

The another  reason I believe we should allow phones in school is it can increase organization between rides home after school, for sports, or conflicts that may occur during the school day. Because there are after school sports through the school all year round, there is practice almost everyday after school; some after school sports are sometimes cancelled due to weather. When they make that decision it is usually during the middle of the day, some students may need to contact parents/guardians to inform them or needed rides.

Even though phones could easily become a distraction by not putting them away when told to, or becoming off task could become an easy problem, I still believe that phones should be allowed as a reward or a break during school. Do you think that phones should be allowed at school?