2020 Minnesota State Fair Food Parade Review


My family and I went to the 2020 Minnesota State Fair Food Parade twice, on Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) and on Sunday, October 11. There were entertainment stands all along the route. The MN State Fair Mascots, Fairchild and Fairborne, were driving around in a State Fair van blasting energizing music. My family and I tried food from most of the food stands. At the end, there was a drive-thru which had a merchandise stand where they sold shirts, hoodies, hats, masks, magnets, water bottles, and lots of other items. In this article, I am going to be reviewing all of the food we ate from both trips.

The Food Review

Turkey to Go by MN Turkey Growers – I ate the Turkey Sandwich: Giant Juicy without any sauces or toppings. I Rate this a 4/5 because the bread taste was a little overpowering, so it took away from the meal. Although the meat had a great taste and it was nice and warm, I would definitely suggest BBQ sauce to go with it.

The 88 oz. Bucket of French Fries

Fresh French Fries – As a family, we ate the 88 oz. Bucket of french fries, and we rate it a 5/5.  The fries were the perfect amount of salty and soggy. I would NOT recommend eating ketchup with the fries because it’s super thick, and only leaves a unappetizing residue on the fry when it’s dipped. The ketchup kind of ruins the overall taste of the fry. If you have a big family, I would recommend to purchase this huge bucket, but if not, I would go for a smaller size.

Mouth Trap Cheese Curds – As a family, we ate the only thing on the menu here, the Bucket of traditional cheese curds. We all LOVED them. We give them a 5/5 because they are amazingly cheesy, crispy, stringy, and flavorful. One downfall is that the become inedible after they sit for a while, and by inedible I mean hard, chewy, and gross.

We did not get anything from the next 2 stands, Que Viet and Sweets and Treats.

Pronto Pups – I ate the only thing on the menu, a Regular Pronto Pup, with no sauces. I rate it a 4/5 because it was a lot to eat when there was so much food in the car already , also it wasn’t as flavorful  as I remember it being in the past

Tom Thumbs Donuts – We ate the Mini Donuts as a family, and they were hands-down a 5/5. They were served hot, sugary, and delicious, as always. They were the perfect amount of sweet.

West Indies Soul Food – My Dad ordered the Jumbo Jerk Chicken Wings. He rated them a 2.5 because they were super fatty and a little burned, which he didn’t like.

We decided to pass on the next 2 stands, Minneapple Pie and Hansen’s Foot Long Hot Dogs & Corn Dogs.

Butcher Boys/Pitchfork Sausage – My Dad ate the London Broil Steak on a Roll with onions, peppers, and cheese, and he rated it a 5/5 for its freshness and tenderness.

Cheese On-A-Stick and Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade – My Step Mom, Dad, and Grandpa shared the Deep-Fried Pickles, and they rated it 4/5. They liked that the pickles were served hot and crunchy, but my Step Mom said she prefers them when they are served with cream cheese.

Giggles’ Campfire Grill – Again, it was my Step Mom, Dad, and Grandpa that enjoyed the food together, but here they got Walleye Fries. They rated them a 5/5, but the only specifics they gave were that they were served warm.

A bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies

El Sol Mexican Foods – My dad ordered the Jumbo Beef Burrito, and he rated it a 4/5. The burrito was hot and flavorful. He also really liked the hot sauce that came with it.

The Hangar – My Step Mom and Dad shared the Tater Twister, which they rated a 3.5/5 because it just tasted like a hot dog and potato chips. On the good side, it was served hot and crunchy.

Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar – These are a favorite in our family, and I’m sure they are in yours too. They are obviously a 5/5. They are served fresh, chocolaty, and they melt in your mouth.