Horseback Riding

Horseback riding: horseback riding is a very difficult but fun sport. You get to get exercise and fresh air, and it’s fun! A lot of people think horseback riding is easy. Not only are you controlling a thousand-pound animal but also are putting yourself in front of your horse to make them feel safe and calm. Also, that is why you wear a helmet and other protective gear to ensure your safety. Horseback riding includes using leg muscles and a lot of hard work and dedication.

 There are many different types of styles of horseback riding. One major thing about horseback riding is that there are two different styles of riding. There is English riding and Western riding. The difference between the two is that English horseback riding is a lot sleeker and lighter. The English riding style is also different because when you ride English, you do jumping or hunters courses, dressage, and so many more things. But with western riding it is a lot bulkier, heavier and a lot more tack to it. In Western riding, you do barrel races, poles and rodeos. For barrel racing there are three barrels set up and at a lope (running) you circle the barrels in a pattern. In poles you are weaving in between 6 poles you run down to the end the first time and then you weave the poles going back and to the end you started at and then you run back to the alleyway.

In English riding, you have to have really good posture. However, when you ride Western you get to relax a lot more. Both Wetsern and English riding are still fun but it really depends on what you want when you ride. A lot of stables have Western and English riding. Both styles of riding include balance and muscle. Horseback riding is a fun but challenging sport. 

The only downfall to horse riding is that it can be pretty costly. So before you run off and buy a horse do research and take lessons, to learn what style of riding you like, and to learn the basics of knot tying and how to put on tack and learn how to care for horses.