Recipe Review: Marshmallow Chocolate Delight

Recipe Review: Marshmallow Chocolate Delight


      This recipe comes from my heart or more specifically my stomach! It is so good it is inspired by a food I ate at Walt Disney World and I had to recreate it. This is very simple but it may get a little messy, just a little warning. It is so chocolatey and has a good texture that makes it very enjoyable for your mouth. This is perfect for a family project. Get your family together, put on some fun music and get ready to have lots of fun!



1-2 bags of M&Ms 

Lots of marshmallows

Skewers or reusable straws

Semi sweet chocolate chips

Milk chocolate chips

1 metal baking pan or medium sized plate 

1 microwave safe bowl 

1 spoon

Parchment paper


     To start off this recipe, put 2-3 marshmallows on your straws or skewers. Put the milk chocolate chips in the bowl, cover entirely with semi sweet chocolate chips, microwave for 30 sec stir then microwave for another 30 sec. While the chocolate is melting, take your baking pan or medium plate and fill it with M&Ms flatten them out and put a piece of parchment paper next to the M&M filled pan. Take the chocolate out and stir. Finally, dip the marshmallows in chocolate, get them covered well, roll it around in the M&Ms and let it dry on the parchment paper. Enjoy!