Let’s fight Human Trafficking

Let’s fight Human Trafficking

We’re going to help stop Human Trafficking from Nepal to India and we want you to join us.

What is it? Human Trafficking is when boys and girls are taking from their families to do other work, and it’s like modern day slavery.Typically, they are sold or traded for valuables and money and subject to scary situations and unsafe conditions.

How many kids does this impact? 70% of girls ages 6-16 are trafficked into India along with 30% of boys ages 3-17, those are kids our age.

How are we going to help stop it? We will be making and selling products (bracelets, hats, shirts etc.) at school and around the neighborhood.

So many girls and boys are taken from their families and will never see them again. That’s why we decided to Do Something.

We are putting so much hard work and effort into this project and we have been working on this project for around a month. I started this group by emailing/texting my friends (Nicole Alfanta, Violet Berg, Izzy Hempler, Sydney Mertens, Kendra Moore, Isaiah Rutten.) I asked them if they
wanted to help with this cause by using their talents and skills. You can do the same. They have encouraged me and have come up with ideas I could never dream of. We will be doing multiple projects such as running a 5K, baking competitions, fundraising competitions etc. If you don’t see anything that speaks to your abilities, you can come to the meets and tell us your ideas.

We are meeting the second Wednesday of every month in the Library after school from 2:45 to 3:50.