Ask Arsen: Handling parents who pressure

Dear Arsen,

My parents have constantly been pressuring me about doing well in school. I am a student athlete, I play soccer, but I also have a “B” in all of my classes. I try to tell them that I am doing the best I can with keeping soccer and school balanced, but they never listen to me. Arsen, please tell me how I can get them to listen to me and understand my situation!      



Dear Pressured,

I understand your situation completely! I go through the same thing. My parents are always pressuring me to do well in school and lacrosse. My advice to you is to, right after you come home from school, tell them that you would like to have a family meeting later in the evening. Or, during dinner, bring up this conflict. Tell them that you are doing the best that you can, and remind them that you have good grades. They don’t need to pressure you to get good grades if you already have them! Make sure they are listening to you at all times. If they are just looking at their phone screen and nodding, remind them that you are speaking about an important issue, and you would appreciate if they listened to you.

I hope my advice helps,


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