AskM: New at school

Madeline Rock, Staff Advice Columnist

Dear AskM,

I’m new to this school, and it’s very frightening. The school is still under a lot of construction and it’s crazy because once I had finally settled into the normal routine, the classes switched into the new rooms, and it’s all confusing. It’s my first day all over again. There are some students who have been friendly and kind to me, helping me find my way around the school. I’m shy because I’m afraid of more change and I know it’s not my best quality. I know it’s normal to feel scared, but is it normal to not want to talk with the people around me?

Please help, New Kid


Dear New Kid,

Everyone felt the same way when they entered Valley Middle School for the first time as 6th graders, but we all probably knew at least one person that was there. You have the opportunity to start with a new slate. Take it on with pride! You are an Eagle! There’s nothing wrong with being shy and reserved, but you should come out of your shell once in a while. Change is a big thing that happens around here, but think of it as an opportunity for something greater. As you spend more time here, it’ll feel like a safer and normal place, and you’ll make friends. There’s always that one person to take the first step and be friendly.

Best of luck, AskM


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