At the CC: Mrs. Debby

Justin Cowan, Staff Writer

Mrs. Debby is very important to many of the VMSS students who go to the Community Center. They go to hang out and play sports with their friends, or use the playground out front. Whatever they do there, they’ve seen Mrs. Debby. 

Mrs. Debby does not care about what people think of her. When Mrs. Debby was asked if she could have a shoe what would it be, she said that anything that’s comfortable, which shows that she don’t really care what you think about her and she probably knows kids think that she’s mean but, most likely she doesn’t care.

Some middle schoolers think of her as mean because she is strict. 7th grader Devin Trotter Ford said, “She is always riding.” Older students mostly have a different opinion. High schoolers might agree she is strict, but only because she cares and because she demands respect.

Mrs. Debby is a huge Vikings fan shown by the fact she wears purple every Monday after a Vikings win. Not a loss, but a win. Her celebrity crush is also Adam Thielen, which is not a common answer.

She described kids who come to the community center as energetic and ready to have fun. She reports that sometimes they do it in an inappropriate manner, but she can usually rally them back. She also said some come to work on their “hooping” skills. She said she hates to have to turn kids away when they forget their ID. She also feels bad turning away kids who have to come because their parents aren’t home and have nowhere else to go.

Her favorite part of the job is talking to the kids because there are so many different personalities out there. Some try to act all tough but, they are really sweet kids she reports.

If Debby was given a thousand dollars, she would donate it to charity. That is very generous, but there’s more. The charity is one that she started. It’s called The Drawer. It gives socks and underwear to people in need. That really is a great thing for her to be doing, but there’s more once again. They have donated over 20,000 socks and underwear to people in need. You can’t just go to Walmart and buy yourself 20,000 pairs of socks and underwear.

Next time you see Mrs. Debby, remember these things. Look for purple on Mondays and look for coral nails or clothes. Also, try and make a donation to her charity, The Drawer. People like Mrs. Debby are the people who should be role models and inspire. Not Kim Kardashian, real people like Mrs. Debby.